This section contains walkthroughs for several benchmark applications. These walkthroughs are meant to show you the capabilities of the collection API, in the same time instructing you how to use (parallel) collections to create larger applications. All the examples in this section are executable and can be run or tweaked by downloading the source code repository. Some of the applications even contain applets runnable directly from the website.

    Rendering the Mandelbrot Set in Parallel

    This example shows how to render a Mandelbrot set in parallel and how to use the schedulers to achieve proper load-balancing.

    Parallel Barnes-Hut Simulation

    This example explains how to efficiently simulate bodies (a swarm of interacting particles or a cluster of stars) using parallel collections. Bodies interact with gravitational or some other force and constantly modify their relative speeds and positions. Depending on their mutual distance, bodies exert different amount of force on each other -- a spatial data-structure is needed to update the bodies in parallel efficiently.

    Ray tracing in Parallel

    This example shows how to build a simple Ray tracer with a moving and rotating camera that can render spheres and polygons in real-time with ScalaBlitz.